Why your Website’s Bounce Rate is so High? Know the Reasons

Why your Website’s Bounce Rate is so High? Know the Reasons

Every day, endless users visit numerous websites for different information and services. The high traffic of users does not always indicate that a website happens to be the most liked one. There are various factors that evaluate the presence of visitors on the website. One of the most vital factors is Bounce rate.

Bounce rate basically indicates the number of visitors, visiting only the first page and then moving out subsequently. The good thing indicated by such activities is that it shows that the website is well developed and, the visitors get all the information that they wish to have, which is quite rare in most of the web portals. However the negative aspect of such activities is that it indicates loss of visitors on account of some technical glitch.

The webmasters and online analyst always keep a close watch on the bounce rate factor, in order to analyze the actual visitors visiting the website. A high bounce rate clearly indicates the websites is affected by few factors that are required to be fixed.

The possible factors that are responsible for triggering a high bounce rate are as follows:

Web design

Web DesignThe design of the website is the key point that captivates the users, and encourages them to navigate through other pages. A clean and neat presentation with appropriate match of colors and decent page layouts enthralls the users to spend more time on the websites. The presence of unwanted flash animations, pathetic colors selections, and distorted page layout can divert the user’s will of staying on the website for too long, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Loading Time

loading-timeThe users are often restless, and they have numerous options of websites to look for the information they require. Imagine, if the user clicks on the website that takes more than time required to load then, the user simply bounces away from the website without even giving a second thought. Some of the major factors that affect the loading of the websites are excessively loaded CSS files, use of nested tables, enabled line styles etc. Try to get, rid off the factors that affect the loading of the website, and be rest-assured, that the bounce rate will get reduced.


navigationThe online business websites have evolved due to the demand of the online users. A user comfortably clicks on a website, navigates through its pages, and orders the services he/she wishes to avail. The navigation directs the users to attain the information with ease. However, if the users have to struggle between the pages and, spend ample time in moving in and out of the pages, then there are chances that the users skip the website without wasting any time, which increases the bounce rate holistically. Clear intuitive navigation is the best way to engage the users on the websites and keep a tap on the bounce rate closely.


contentWeb content is one of the most important factors that connect the users with websites. The web content that are inconsistent in their information, lack punctuations, and consist of invariable grammar mistake, represent the owner’s dullness towards the services. The owner of the websites needs to maintain a clear flow of information in the content, so that the users do not get misguided in any way.


keywordsAre basically used for search engine optimization of the websites. The keywords help in targeting the concerned visitors in regard to the given websites. However, if the online business websites includes wrong or irrelevant keywords then, the wrong targeted visitors are going to land on the websites which further increases the bounce rate. Identify and select the appropriate keywords in order to target the genuine visitors for the websites.


popupsMost of the websites are using popup to increase their followers and it is a good move. However, frequent or untimely pop ups often lead to increase in the bounce rate. This often happens when a user lands on a web page, and a popup appears with no close sign forcing a user to sign up a news letter. A lot of time users get annoyed by such moves and close the websites without going further. Analyzing the timing of the pop ups displaying on website while the users land on the page, and watching out for the bounce rate and setting the popup time on the websites when minimal bounce rate is recorded, can be an intelligent move to keep a track on the visitors.

Ads placement

ad-placementDisplaying ads on the website is the sign of prosperity for an online business. Users like to visit on the websites that has ads as this indicates the flourishing nature of the business. However, bounce rate start to increase when user start to bounce back from the website due to unorganized display of ads on the websites. Keeping the ads away from key places of the website such as navigation tabs, payment term, important contents etc plays an imperative role in determining the bounce rate for a website.



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