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Over14 years experience as a web and user interface designer, internet marketer and blogger. Website Design, User Interface Design, Content Management System, Web Applications, E-commerce and Internet Marketing, servicing the Greater Toronto Area including Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville. http://www.webrninc.com

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    Simeon Prince

    I Like your list. I think it’s and exhaustive one though. I have learnt the top major ones including – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Concrete5.
    The easiest to learn are WordPress and Concrete5. I prefer Concrete5 because it’s simple, easy to learn, and above all, as a graphic designer concrete5 is the easiest to customize to exactly match your original design / layout. I have the lesson here on how to customize concrete5 themes

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    David Thomas

    Nice list, What about the Award-winning CMS SilverStripe (http://www.silverstripe.org/) i’ve used it on a few projects mainly because the back end is simple and user-friendly while still being a powerful framework to develop on. I have found the templating engine can be a bit complicated to get used to but there is a great community of developers and the forums can be quite helpful

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    Joomla is crap, heavy, buggy and clumsy.

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    orange county web designer

    Good list. Looking forward for more articles on your blog. Worth learning.

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    Rinaldo Bonazzo

    I agree with “DesignFirms” and when looking for a cms I suggest you also consider web accessibility so visit us http://bit.ly/zQTwrA

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    The only issue I have with content management systems is people that install/customize them shouldn’t call themselves web designers. Sure, there’s no need to recreate the wheel, but at the same time, ask that same designer to build something from scratch and they’ll be scratching their head before you’re done speaking!

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    Frank Slim

    Nice to see a large list of CMS products and basic details on each one versus the usual “big three” comparisons (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) but I see you are missing one up-and-coming CMS: Barebones CMS.

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