I continue to advocate flat design with a showcase of websites built with Bootstrap. The main reason behind my love for flat design is its simple, clean and minimalist layout. There’s not any type of bells and whistles that distracts the eye and provides a more effective way of focusing on the content. Combining this with responsive design and you get an impressive website that can be viewed on any device. This allows your visitors to enjoy a great experience from any device and this will get you noticed and remembered in developing brand awareness. Design matters to your visitors, it conveys trust and that’s what gets you remembered long after your visitors have gone.

There are some incredible examples of flat design with responsive layout and I wanted to provide you with a showcase of websites to give you inspiration and ideas that you can create your own. I also feel it’s important to know what is current and what the prevailing design trends are to get you up to speed and get you thinking about your design when it comes to your clients trust in delivering a high quality website who will be advocates of your work. It only takes a couple of great and well designed website to take your business to the next level and be taken as a designer who knows, and understand what it takes to deliver high quality products. Remember, your work is on display for everyone to see and is a reflection of you and your design skills. I’ve selected 10 examples for you to showcase in this installment of flat design with responsive layout using the Bootstrap framework. I hope that these provide you with ideas and inspiration to help you for your next project or perhaps even re-designing your own portfolio.

1. Sharkfin


2. Flattern


3. Chakra


4. Chamelion


5. Crisp


6. Level


7. Scroll&Strap

Scroll & Strap

8. Flat & Scroll

Flat &  Scroll

9. The Story

The Story

10. Purity