If you are thinking of a Social Networking platform?, here is a list of websites who use Jomsocial as their social networking platform for their web community.

I have put together a list of great examples of JomSocial networking sites. There are many examples out there, however I also want to show only those that met a high level
of design which will give you ideas for your next project.

I really would love to grow this list, so if you have a site you want to recommend, just complete the comments section and let me know.


This social networking community includes a forum, blog and a third party e-commerce extension. A great example of what you can do and use of other extensions for your own project.



Known Donor Registry was started by Beth Gardner in January 2010. Originally named Free Sperm Donor Registry, KDR was a response to her experience as she and her wife began the process of becoming parents with a known donor.Great clean design and nice dropdown menus. Very nicely done and highly professional.
This is definitely a great example of what you can do Jomsocial.



Psych Training Center, Inc., is an independent home-based company that seeks to foster the professional development of students and professionals in the mental health field by facilitating access to high-quality educational opportunities. A great design and another example of what JomSocial can do with customization and creativity.




Avalon Play is a Social Network for Gamers. We connect gamers worldwide through profiles, guilds and also groups. Users can share their gaming experiences through personal posted pictures and videos. Think outside the box and see what you can create. What a great way to showcase JomSocial.



TheCoffeeLocator is the world’s first online coffee market place where anyone, anywhere in the world, can sell their coffee products to anyone, anywhere in the world. By now, it should give you enough to think about on what JomSocial can do. The only limit is your vision and creativity.



A community site for everyone, whether it’s a club, membership and or team sports. A nice clean design, nicely organized and easy to navigate. Another great example for
your mind to keep thinking.