Flat Design, Flat Design, Flat Design, there are more and more designers creating websites using flat design. Whatever you think, if it’s a fad or this year’s trend and will go away as fast as it came, when created the right way it gives you a simple, clean, minimalist and beautiful look and most importantly a definite improved user experience. There is more emphasis on content and strikes a good balance with design.


Gone are the textures, shiny looking objects, (ie. buttons) gradients, shadows, bevels and 3D look. It strips down to its basic design core and becomes harder to define the actions and elements of the page. With that said, we as users also have become savvy and have an understanding of what those design elements are on a page that are actionable.

Flat design focuses on five characteristics – minimalist approach, focus on color, no effects, simple design elements and typography. There are no added embellishment to make elements look more realistic such as buttons and icons. Use of bold colors on clickable items to identify with the user.

Typography is extremely important in flat design, which means as designers need to be much more
knowledgeable it this area on how different typefaces match and fit in the overall design. Because of its importance, the final product should convey a consistent visual and textual result.

Colors and use of bold and bright colors is a large part of flat design compared to current design trend. This means that instead on the two or three colors that you have been told to use with the current design trend, you can be more liberal and use up to eight with equal use throughout the site.

The popularity of flat design has been made more apparent by the release of Windows 8 and as you can see below here are examples of different elements and the simplicity and visual beauty. Now this approach must be taken with a well throughout approach design due to its nature and it’s much more difficult than it seems to get that finished product. Your ability and knowledge of typography, color palettes become of greater importance and there’s a subtle and fine line when it comes to success and failure.

Flat Design: It's time to get in on the trend now