The latest web design trend and its rising popularity. Consider the fact that more and more flat design showcase and articles are being written about this subject and the trend towards its use, it’s no wonder that popular CMS are taking full advantage of this and many designers and developers have created themes specific to this trend in design.

We all know the popularity of WordPress and being the number one and most popular content management system, it has jumped on the bandwagon as it’s active community has produced countless of inspiring and awesome selections of flat design themes.

Not to be outdone of course, Joomla has also seen this growing trend in web design and many of its community designers and developers have been busy creating themes that is specific to flat design. No does not need to be a fence sitter on this particular subject and trend anymore. This is definitely where design is moving towards and in my personal opinion a welcomed direction which I am proud to be a part of.

There are many opinions and experts who have written countless of articles about flat design and I for one am in favor of this design trend. I’ve always leaned more towards a minimalist approach to web design and what I see with flat design is the growing importance of content as the core element of great design supported visually and aesthetically.

I have gathered a wonderful and beautiful collection of the best of Joomla flat design user interface inspired themes and your inspiration and ideas on your next project with Joomla.

1. Flat Bizz

Flat Bizz

2. Stratos


3. Mero


4. Loki


5. Metro


6. Etch


7. VT Creative

VT Creative

8. Coloured Lines

Coloured Lines

9. NuModus


10. Nano